Friday, August 2, 2013

Snapshot: II

A celebratory lunch at Papillote after finishing the GRE.
 It's FRIDAY! And I am sorely behind on these Snapshot posts, so be prepared for a very random assortment of iPhone pictures from the last couple of months. I'm planning on having a nice, lazy weekend: catching up on my Smashbook, perhaps reading a book from my "to read" pile, and cleaning my room. Maybe I should've said I'm having a "spend no money" weekend, as that sounds like a much more appropriate description. Lazy, not so much. What're your plans for the weekend, adventurers? Whatever they may be, I hope they're full of good weather, good food, and good friends! Here's to a fabulous weekend!

New pillowcases from ModCloth.

A tribute to my Dad on Father's Day.

Fletcher would survive solely on popcorn if I'd let him.

A recent thrift store find.

A crafty work in progress.

Visiting the Alma Mater for a wedding.

The best present ever!

Movie night at The Ritz.

A postcard from Mount Vernon from Jess.