Saturday, June 29, 2013

Further On

Better late than never in posting my June playlist. Normally when I'm putting a collection of songs together, I have an event or specific mood that serves as inspiration, but that's definitely not the case here. I knew that I simply had to use Chad Valley's Shell Suite, as I've been obsessed with it since watching Warm Bodies. Which means, this is probably one of the most all-over-the-place playlists I've ever put together. Regardless, I promise it's still worthy of the repeat button!  Grooveshark was very uncooperative today in their selection of songs, so I've included the names and playorders of the missing songs after the playlist.

Further On by Mariah Charnock on Grooveshark

6) Falling for the Beat, Andrew Ripp
10) Whenever You Love Somebody, Matt Wertz
11) Drive, Charlie Barclay
12) Belong, Cary Brothers

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